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Drowning in a tub of bathroom products

Has your bathroom turned from a calming retreat to a catch all for bathroom products, bath toys and miscellaneous cosmetics? Most of us fall into that habit of leaving things around the shower or tub for next time. We throw things in the drawers so that they are not laying around. This only helps for a short time. We are then falling over half used bottles of shampoo and toys or spend too much time looking for that one thing buried in a sea of other small items in the bottom of that drawer.

Seriously, how many bottles do you need in the shower? How many toys do the kids need in the bath? What IS in that bathroom drawer that is stuffed to overflowing?

Ok, let's go and look in your bathroom. Take a look in the shower/tub area. Which shampoo and conditioner are you using? Are there others in there that are not being used. If so, lets get them out of there. Same with the soap/body wash. Same with the face wash if that's where you keep it. Are they sitting on the floor? If they are, you need to get them up onto a shelf or shower caddy.

Now for those of you who have little children, let's have a look at the toys in there. Do they really need so many. No, they don't. Have a look at the toys and take out any that have seen better days, any with mould or are broken. Just leave a couple of toys for them to keep them entertained while they get clean. You can use a mesh bag to hold them so they can drip dry.

The bathroom cabinet - the cabinet above the sink where people leave the strangest things. Old half used tubes of makeup, foot cream and other things that don't get used often and then are just forgotten. The cabinet should be used for items that are used daily like deodorant, toothbrushes and toothpaste. Take out anything that is old and crusty (you know what I'm talking about), out of date or no longer used or needed. Give the cabinet a wipe out and put back what you do use.

If you have a cabinet or drawers under the sink then let's get that organised as well. Reach in and take out everything, and I mean right to the back to all those forgotten things. Have a good look at everything and really see what you need in there. Only put back what is needed, not the things that you don't know what to do with. Those we will figure out in a minute. Give this area a good wipe down as well. You'd be surprise at the dust and hair that gets in there.

For those who have cabinets that are just shelves and no drawers and you have small items that get lost amongst the bigger items, there are plenty of shops that sell boxes or baskets that you can store the smaller items. Make sure to measure your space first before you purchase anything. Such a pain to have to return things when they don't fit.

Just remember, we do not need to keep 20 rolls of toilet paper right next to the toilet.

Once you have everything that is needed back in place, we can then turn our attention to the remaining items that did not make it back. What are they? Left over shampoo or body wash? Old makeup? Medications?

If you have left over shampoo/conditioner/body wash that you don't use all the time, think about putting them into travel size bottles and using them in your toiletry bag when you go away on holidays or if you travel for work. Maybe your purchased some hand wash but don't like it, what about donating it to the animal shelter or child care centre. Both place have people constantly washing their hands and it's not something people think about when donating. If you have old makeup then just get rid of it. Makeup has a used by date and if it's really old can contain bacteria that you do not want on your face. If you have old medications then bag them up and take them to your local chemist and they will dispose of them correctly.

The bathroom is a place that you can go and have nice long soak in the tub or just rush in and rush out after a quick shower. No matter how you use the room, it should be a place where you don't have to worry about trip hazards or trying to find stuff.

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