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Same Old, same old...

With all the hype about Marie Kondo and everyone getting on board with new years resolutions to declutter their lives and homes, have we stopped to think about what now? Everything we don't want is gone, but what are we bringing back into our home or letting others bring into our lives...old habits die hard.

Stop and think about your grocery shopping - think less fruit and veg in plastic. Get some mesh or calico bags and put your produce in them. You can buy them or make them yourself. I made my own and it was easy. You can even make your own shopping bags from left over fabric. I make all sorts of things from old denim.

Stop and think about other items like cleaners, do we really need so many cleaners? Most do more than one job and you can get more eco friendly types now so its not hard to make a change. Also bathroom products, you can get things with less packaging.

Stop and think about toys - do kids really need so many? What about getting them experiences (like a mini holiday or day out somewhere the kids like) for their birthdays, or at least the grandparents and other family members could do that, that way you can monitor what is coming in. Try the one in, one out rule with toys.

That rule can apply to anything in house from clothes to furniture, books and linen. Can the item be used for something else or somewhere else? Can it be mended, can it be made into something else? Make sure you really need it first. If so, then make sure what you take out is not just tossed in landfill. Donating is a really easy thing to do and so many different places could use your help. You can find so many links on-line to help you donate to worthy places.

We have to think about re-using or re-purposing things, not just re-cycling. These are all things to teach our kids and ourselves so we can live better. With less "stuff" comes less worry. We should be thinking about today as well as tomorrow.

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