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Where are my Sunglasses??

We all have a least one pair of sunglasses. Most people have several. Unless they are broken, sunglasses are one item that we just keep. If you do have several pairs of sunglasses, then where are you storing them?

Are they just tossed into a drawer and mostly forgotten? (Yes, sorry)

Are they even in a proper case so they don’t get scratched? (Umm, No)

If that’s the case, then you need to decide what to do about they care and storage.

First things first, collect all your sunglasses and see how many you actually have. Then check to see if any are broken or scratched. Can they be repaired? If not, then why are you holding on to them?

Next have a good look at them. Do you still wear them? Do you still like them? If not, them take out the ones you don’t like/wear and put aside to donate or sell.

With the ones that you want to keep, decide how best to store them so that they last. There are many different types of storage to choose from depending on how much money you want to spend and how you want to store or display them. Sunglasses are one of those things that are attractive to look at so why not have them displayed so you can admire them and if you can see them you will remember you have them, so you can wear them.

You can just use a trouser/pant hanger to hang them. It's cheap and easy to use and you can hang other small items on it as well, so everything is all together.

You could utilise a cork/notice board and paint or cover with fabric and attach ribbons across to hang the glasses. Its inexpensive and you can customise the board to your taste. Or you can buy boards already done so you don’t need to do anything.

There are acrylic stands for sunglasses that you can get fairly cheaply on-line. These can just sit on a surface and since they are clear, don’t detract from the sunglasses on display.

If you have many pairs of sunglasses and you don’t want them out but would like to keep them safe, then maybe a box would be better for you. You can get one with a glass lid so you can see inside or you can get inserts for your drawer so that they are in single compartments.

What ever way you decide to store your sunglasses, just remember, what is the point of having them if you don’t wear them. Life’s to short to keep stuff for later.

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