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Who loves ya, baby!

Baby rooms - why do they have so much stuff in them? The occupant is so little but they seem to need so many things. Or do they?

Many people think when they are having a baby that they need to get a specific item for every thing that may occur. Most items are only needed for a short time and then you are stuck with excess items like change tables and gliders.

Think about multipurpose furniture like a set of drawers with an edge or lip on the top so it can be used as a change table then later the lip comes off and its just a set of drawers.

If you have a set of drawers that is in a spare room or you are not using, think about repurposing it for the baby room. You could paint it a colour that will grow with the child so it can be used indefinitely.

Same with the glider chair - what are you going to do with it once baby is big?

Maybe go for a more comfortable armchair that mum or dad can sit in with baby but also use when the child is older. You just need to remember that you need good arm support for feeding and snuggling. Swivel for rocking baby to sleep if you want movement but not necessary. Good for reading to or with a small child but also good to transition to teens room or move to the office.

Don't go nuts with a million toys for babies - they just don't care, only the parent does. Chances are, if this is the first baby then everyone will give you a mountain of stuff (that's what happened to me!) and some of it won't even be used. Don't let people guilt or bully you into having to have the latest and greatest for the nursery. Do what you want and don't feel guilty that you didn't do what someone else wanted for you. You have to live there, not them.

Remember, babies are only babies for a short time.

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